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After almost thirty years on the lesson tee Director of Instruction Tom Stickney believes that to lower your handicap you must focus on five fundamentals:

  • Pivot – how you twist, turn and displace weight
  • Orbit – how the club shaft moves around your body
  • The Short Game – wedge play, pitching, chipping, and bunkers
  • Putting – lagging them close and making the short ones
  • Shot Selection – knowing what shots to take and how to hit them

At The Punta Mita Golf Academy we will only modify and shape your existing foundation in order to show you what you have the ability to accomplish on the golf course. We DO NOT believe in teaching the same swing model to everyone, but rather one that is unique to each individual based on their current needs, ability level, and overall desire. Working in this manner helps to make your practice time as “painless” as possible and accelerates your learning curve. We want you to get as much out of each of your coaching sessions as you can.

We will analyze your swing and work towards a model that allows you to integrate your body and the club shaft into a motion that you can replicate time and again so you can have ball strike consistency on the course. Coaching that focuses on how to wedge it close, pitch, chip and putt will tighten up your short game. This and a solid putting stroke can usually make up for any ball strike anomalies once you learn to manage your shots on the course.

Course management is learning how to coordinate the above fundamentals so you always hit the highest percentage shot based on the needs of your game. With the proper coaching in this area you can learn how to choose your shots wisely so you can become a better player almost instantly. Our goal is to help you improve these “master fundamentals” and to teach you how to integrate them into your game so you can have more fun on the golf course.

Remember it’s a game…not a death march so let us give you the tools you need to enjoy it.



  • Almost 30 Years of Full-Time Instructional Experience
  • Golf Magazine “Top 100 Instructor”
  • Golf Digest “Top Teacher”
  • Golf Tips “Top 25 Instructors”
  • Trackman University Master/Partner
  • The Golfing Machine G.S.E.D Authorized Instructor
  • Golf Digest “Top 20 Teachers Under 40” Alumnus
  • Golf Digest “Best Young Teachers” Alumnus
  • Been on the Cover of Golf Magazine, Golf Tips Magazine, Golf Illustrated, and Senior Golfer Magazine
  • Written over 150 Nationally Published Instructional Articles in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips, Golf Illustrated, Golf for Women, Japan Golf Today, and Senior Golfer Magazine
  • Senior Instructional Staff for with a Weekly Instructional Column that has 10,000,000+ Views
  • Former Director of Instruction at Bighorn Golf Club, in Palm Desert, California; The Promontory Club, Park City, Utah; The Club at Cordillera, Vail, Colorado; Quail Creek Country Club, Naples, Florida; Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, Destin, Florida.


Technology innovation & Training Improvement :

Punta Mita Golf Club’s learning center design and instructional technology are second to none – I’m proud to call Punta Mita my home – Tom Stickney II.

The Punta Mita Golf Academy offers many programs for overall game improvement for players of any level or age

Swing Analysis

In this program we will analyze the inner workings of your golf swing using a three camera V1 digital video system, force plates, as well as a Trackman 4 Launch Monitor to understand your golf swing like never before. These tools coupled with your custom improvement plan will accelerate your learning curve at any handicap level.

1 Hour $250 Members/$300 Guests

“Unlimited” Lesson Series (Members Only)

Is this the season that you have decided to work on your swing, fix your short game, or even lower your handicap once and for all? If so, then our “unlimited” lesson program is what you need. This package offers you an hour lesson each week, as well as, access to the Academy technology for check-ups if you’re having problems between lessons.

One Season $4,000 (November 1 to April 1)
Three Month $2,500 (90 Consecutive Days)

On Course Lesson

If working on the golf course is what you need then try our two hour “on course”
Lesson program giving you all the time you need to understand how to bring your practice tee game to the golf course.

2 Hours- $400 Members/$450 Guests

Skills Testing Combine
(with Trackman)

The combine is a standardized test enabling golfers to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This test is comprised of shots from 60 yards up through the driver, you will be graded on distance control, accuracy, and overall dispersion. These results will be uploaded to a world wide database in order for you to compare and analyze your results based on sex and handicap range. Scores in the combine show a strong correlation to handicap levels thus using the skills test will help you “see” what you need to work in “instantly”

 $65 Members  /  $75 Guests

Custom Programs

If you are interested in a tailor made customized program for you please let Tom know and he will create one specially for you

Class Dates

Friday Afternoon 3pm to 5pm

Minimum of Two Students – By Appointment Only

Short Game School

Your short game school will include instruction on improving your pitching , chipping, bunker play and putting. Each student will receive short game school notebook and videos covering the techniques discussed within the school

 $200 Members  /  $250 Guests

Pitching School

In this special school you will learn all the secret shots that only the pros on Tour know so you can get up and down more often. This school will focus on shots from 20 yards to the fringe of the green. You will receive a school notebook and videos of all the shots covered within this special pitching school.

$200 Members  /  $250 Guests

Bunker School

Does your bunker game need work? If so, then our bunker school is for you. In this special school we will cover ALL the basic shots you’ll need in the bunker in efforts to improve your overall sand game. This school covers short, long, high and speciality bunker shots you will find on the course during your round.

 $200 Members  /  $250 Guests

Specialty Instruction

Putter Lab

If you struggle on the greens then you must step into Punta Mita’s exclusive Putter Lab. This one hour program uses our putting launch monitor, the SAM Puttlab computer, and a fitting protocol helping us to audit your ability to read grees, “feel” the correct speed,improve the quality of your stroke mechanics and improive the roll of the ball itself. Improving some or all of these things will help you become a better putter for the long term.

$200 Members / $250 Guests

Video Club

Are you the “do it yourself” type of golfer , you know , the person who always hits balls and works on their game but never gets around to taking a lesson? If this sounds like you then our “Video Club “ is the program you need to keep you on the right track. You may come in at any time and film you swing to be viewed in slow motion / frame by frame, you can ssompare it to Touring Professionals or even your past swings saved on our hard drive for instant review.

This program includes : 15 minute video analysis of your swing , Emailed Screencast, and a Question / Answer session with Tom Stickney

$350 Members Only