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Hole 1 · Bahia · Par 4

A relatively short downwind par-4 , this hole is a peaceful start to your round. Be mindful of its large bunkers, although you will have enough space to avoid the long trap on the left. Your second shot, aimed at a very protected green on a false front, can be easily executed if you don’t allow yourself to be distracted by some difficult flag positions.

Hole 2 · Bahia · Par 5

An extremely short par-5 with the wind in your favor, allowing for a terrific opportunity to lower your score. Start your drive avoiding the right side – the key on this hole is to stay left. Your second shot is aimed at a small and complicated green, so accuracy will be essential. Hole 2 is noted for its spectacular views from the green, with an incredible ocean vista and views to the Punta Mita Pier and Sufi Ocean Club, which also happen to be the perfect places to  visit after finishing your round.

Hole 3 · Bahia · Par 3

This par-3 is the most difficult of the entire course. Long and complicated with wind that’s constantly pushing your ball towards the right side, filled with bunkers and, of course, a large water hazard – the ocean. It’s important that from the beginning, you avoid the right at all costs and try to keep your ball on the left side of the green.  A very challenging green is waiting for you, with imposing slopes. Brace yourself after finishing this complicated hole – the next two holes are also difficult and key to having a successful round.

Hole 4 · Bahia · Par 4

This long dogleg right par-4, usually with a strong headwind, requires strategy and precision, but the challenge may be easier than it appears at first glance. The hole starts with a demanding, straight and precise drive, to avoid the first group of bunkers. The second shot, requires you to be aware of a very complicated green with right to left slope. It’s wise to keep your shot to the right, taking advantage of the flow of the green and letting the ball feed from right to left, as this green will reward all shots coming in from the right. 

Hole 5 · Bahia · Par 3

A uniquely challenging and difficult par-3. This is a hole with a radical and extreme design that because of its short length, deceptive slopes and deep bunkers requires a very accurate shot.  

Hole 6 · Bahia · Par 5

This relatively long par-5 offers the player several options. The hole starts with a simple drive, but the second shot you have two choices: those with power can reach the green in two by focusing on the left side to avoid the lateral water hazard that hugs the right of the green, and those who prefer a lower risk approach can take a straight conservative shot right of the hazard. Use caution, because this green is located near a lateral water hazard and many small bunkers. 

Hole 7 · Bahia · Par 4

This short par-4, presents players with different opportunities. If you are a risk taker, hit a drive to get as close to the green as possible on the right side. If your style is more conservative, position your layup with your 200-yard club off the tee. Be prepared for a complicated green, with a slope that crosses from right to left and flows toward the water hazard. Stay right, to avoid disaster on this short but difficult hole.

Hole 8 · Bahia · Par 5

A very generous par-5, offering great opportunity to improve your score. Short and downwind, finally, a hole that can give you a sense of relief. Start with a simple drive toward the right side of the fairway. You won’t have a long shot to reach this par-5 green, however this is the most difficult green on the course, and it will take all your short game magic to record a solid score. When approaching this green, be mindful of the flag position – sometimes the middle of this bowl-shaped green is the best spot to avoid disaster. 

Hole 9 · Bahia · Par 3

A nice and easy to play par-3, with the wind in your favor. The key to this hole is to be aware of the large lake that is located on the left, but the hole presents no other challenge besides a sloping green. 

Hole 10 · Bahia · Par 4

This par-4 is the longest on the course and requires long and straight but having the wind at your back helps facilitate a well-executed drive. The second shot requires a lot of precision. It’s key to identify exactly the location of the flag, because the green is somewhat deceitful – staggered and with a hunchback center.

Hole 11 · Bahia · Par 3

A downwind par-3, this narrow but long green is protected by four bunkers. It’s important to hit a straight, accurate shot to the center of the green, setting up your putt in a favorable position towards any flag location on this green.

Hole 12 · Bahia · Par 4

This downwind par-4 is quite tricky, requiring accuracy more than distance. Start your tee shot left of center of the fairway, between 230-250 yards, to set up your approach. Your second shot will require a precise shot to a small green, guarded by false fronts, a lake and bunkers.

Hole 13 · Bahia · Par 5

A punishing par-5, playing into a heavy wind can make this hole very long and difficult. Hit your drive away from the large lake alongside the entire right side of this hole. The second shot requires you to aim for the center of the pot bunker in the middle of the fairway. Don’t worry, aim for it as a target, as you won’t go in due to the length required to reach it. The third shot is all about a solid wedge into a large green. If you get to the green in regulation par it’s a great score.

Hole 14 · Bahia · Par 4

A downwind par-4, this is a relatively simple hole. The key is avoiding the large bunker on the right side. The second shot into this green is simple, be mindful of flag location since this a deep green. 

Hole 15 · Bahia · Par 4

This downwind dogleg left par-4 is a great hole. Hit your drive with a little draw and watch your ball run down the turning point. The second shot offers great views of the bay and a green that slopes right to left, so don’t allow yourself to get distracted by these spectacular views of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta. After the putt has been holed, then, yes, enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

Hole 16 · Bahia · Par 4

A relatively simple downwind par-3, here is a terrific opportunity to score. If you’re careful with your tee shot, this large green will reward a solid shot.  

Hole 17 · Bahia · Par 4

The signature hole of the Bahia golf course, with incredible views of the spectacular Marietas Islands and wide view of the coastline, this par-4 is quite complicated. A dogleg left and subtle crosswind, it is important to begin with a solid drive, aiming to the right and avoiding the ocean on the left. The second shot is tricky, due to a very small green and complicated slopes. A draw into this green is the best way to get close.

Hole 18 · Bahia · Par 5

This par-5 dogleg left into the wind, can be a double-edged sword: easy, if you play it safe, difficult, if you make even a small mistake. Starting with a down the middle drive left of the fairway gives you a chance to reach this green. Your second shot options are as follows: if you have power, you can reach in two, but avoid the left side; however, if you play conservatively, layup to the center of the fairway and enjoy plenty of space to position a great approach. Depending on where the flag is, it is very important to execute your third shot with great precision.

Congratulations! You finished a great round, on one of the most impressive places in Riviera Nayarit. Enjoy the breathtaking views and don’t forget to take a selfie to capture the moment.


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Pro Shop: daily, from 7:00am – 7pm

Named after our signature island green, Tail of the Whale is a casual restaurant located on the upper level of the golf clubhouse and features amazing views of both the Pacific Ocean and our two Jack Nicklaus Golf Courses. This restaurant offers an international menú, delicious breakfast for early golfers and exquisite dishes to enjoy a lovely lunch.

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We offer men and women’s TaylorMade Burner Superlaunch Irons & TaylorMade Burner Superfast Drivers & Woods. Foot Joy rental shoes are available in men’s and women’s styles.

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Golf clinics are provided on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., the cost is $40.00 USD per golfer.
· On Tuesdays – full swing
· On Thursdays – short game

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